The other launches: 6 models that were in the Hall of San Pablo and will arrive in the country

If you followed the coverage of St. Paul's Hall of TN Auto you already know him in the champion of São Paulo confirmed the arrival in the country Honda WR-V, Ford EcoSport Storm, Chevrolet Camaro, Renault Kwid, Toyota Hilux GR Sport and until the Lexus brand landing.

However, it was not all. There are more models that have been exposed and also will flow through the streets of Argentina. In all cases, their releases are scheduled for 2019. Get to know them one by one.

Jeep Renegade

The restyling of the renegade should arrive in 2019. This is a version of Trailhawk, for the ultimate off-road vehicle.

Aesthetic update of the model that is already sold in the country. The brand still he did not give an exact date, but everything indicates what will have to wait until next year. It is the model most sold company in the country

The news are observed mainly in the front, with new fog lights, bumpers and air intake. At the same time, he will have a new command for the opening the tailgate. It will come from Brazil.

The changes mainly concern the front. New position of the gate opening.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf will arrive in Argentina in January 2019, confirming the brand.

Imported directly from Great Britain, 100% electric he will be in Argentina in January. It has an emission-free engine, which it produces 150 hp and 320 Nm of maximum torque. Its lithium-ion batteries have a capacity of 40 kWh and allow you to travel 378 kilometers without needing to recharge.

From Nissan ensure that in 40 minutes the 80 percent of the batteries from a fast charging system. In a traditional "homemade" shot, the process has a longer delay.

It has an electric motor of 150 hp. The autonomy is 378 kilometers.

Lifan M7

Thanks to three rows of seats, the Lifan M7 can carry seven passengers.

And the minivan of the Chinese brand. It has three rows of places where they can travel 7 passengers. Of striking resemblance to the Ford S-Max, Argentina will arrive in the first quarter of 2019.

It measures 4.72 meters in length and 2.78 meters in length. The engine is a 2.0 of 16 valves, with variable distribution and 140 HP, associated with an automatic transmission CVT and front-wheel drive.

Mercedes Class A Sedan and AMG GT 4-door coupe

The "trunk version" of Class A is 14 cm long compared to the five doors. He will be in Argentina in 2019.

both of them confirmed for 2019. The first is the variant "With trunk" of Class A. It measures 14 cm more (reaches 4.56 m) in length compared to the hatchback variant, which in turn is already sold in Argentina. It does not change the wheelbase, of 2.73 meters.

the AMG GT 4-door coupé it is, in reality, a five doors (Has a back gate). It is based on the CLS and can carry four passengers. his sportiness is brutal, and in Europe 6-cylinder key engines and 435 HP, or V8 4.0 of 585 HP or 639 HP. In all cases with one 9-speed automatic transmission.

The 4-door AMG GT Coupé is, in fact, five-door (has a hatchback). It arrives in 2019.

Suzuki Jimny

The new generation of Jimny is manufactured in Japan. It is a mini 4×4 law.

the new generation of this classic off-road vehicle it will arrive in 2019, confirmed to TN Autos. It is produced in Japan, unlike the current one in Brazil. In that country they will coexist and to distinguish them is called the new one Jimny Sierra.

The version of the equipment that will be sold here still undefined. It is a mini 4×4 law: measures 3.48 meters, has chassis frames, speed change and it is very light The engine is a 1.5 out of 108 HP, which can be associated with a manual or automatic box.

In Brazil it will live with the previous generation (produced in that country). To differentiate itself, the new one is called Jimny Sierra.

Internet for Chevrolet

Besides Camaro (of which we have already told you in this note) announced for 2020, the Golden Ribbon brand has announced that in 2019 all new models (non-restyling) presented in Argentina They will have 4G internet.

He also confirmed that although they do not know when, they study permanently offer the bolt in the country, your 100% vehicle that has already been confirmed for Brazil.

Bonus Track (pending …)

Honda showed the restyling of the HR-V. It does not have a commercial launch date in Argentina.

In the hall of St. Paul sling confirmed the WR-V for Argentina. But he also showed the HR-V restyling, Small SUV manufactured in Campana, province of Buenos Aires, and in Brazil. The biggest changes are seen in the tires and in the front, in the area of grill and fog lights.

Although they reported that this aesthetic update already produced at the Argentine plant, detailed that at the moment is only to provide export markets. Wait …

The restyling is already produced in Campana but only for export.


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