The outdoor mask returns to Rome and Lazio, Gualtieri: “We are working on the ordinance”

Nicola Zingaretti calls, Roberto Gualtieri answers. Rome and the rest of Lazio are ready to return to the obligation of the outdoor mask. Rising infections are forcing institutions to raise the alert level again. From Pisana the message that arrives is clear: going back to wearing the mask outdoors becomes necessary. A warning already leaked by the latest Safety Committees where the prefect Matteo Piantedosi had underlined the importance of quoting the nightlife squares and the shopping streets in view of Christmas, applying the now well-known ‘Rome model‘.

The mayor Gualtieri, without wasting time, thus made it known that his team is working on a “hypothesis of an ordinance for the obligation of outdoor masks in areas with high concentration for the holidays” and probably even earlier “starting from December 6 “, he said on the sidelines of a visit to the construction sites of a school in Corviale:” We await the updated data. Already this weekend, the Prefecture will in any case start up mechanisms to control the turnout of crowding in some areas of the city “.

In the last few hours, Zingaretti had invited a letter to the Prefects and Mayors of Lazio, inviting them to consider a series of measures given the evolution of the pandemic from Covid-19 “which, according to the letter” requires us all to pay the utmost attention and responsibility. Thanks to the widespread participation in the vaccination campaign, in our region the data relating to hospitalizations, and in particular to those in intensive care, remains under control. The epidemiological situation, however, tends to worsen, and requires a precise and rigorous control over the safety of behavior “.

“Today we are called once again to make an effort to determine behaviors that respect the rules imposed by the emergency and to ensure that they are observed by all. I believe, for these reasons, it is important to pay the utmost attention to all the actors concerned, from the local administrators to the security forces. Police, in order to ensure compliance with public health safety rules everywhere “, hence the invitation by Zingaretti:” Where necessary, also considering the adoption of particular measures, always based on the incidence of the virus in the various territorial realities of the Region: I refer in particular to theobligation to wear masks outdoors, especially in meeting places and shopping centers “.

An invitation received by Guatieri and also sponsored by the Lazio health councilor Alessio D’Amato: “It is time to raise the levels of prevention in view of the upcoming Christmas holidays and the Plan implemented by the Prefect of Rome, Matteo Piantedosi, is important. We remind you that the Regional Health Service makes available the ‘Open Salute Lazio’ portal where it is possible to find maps on the cumulative incidence rates by municipality of residence updated according to the Reports of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità prepared by SERESMI and the Lazio Dept. “.

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