The oxygen on Earth will run out. Scientists showed the calculations

Researchers from Toho University in Funabashi and the Technical Institute in Georgia will conduct studies which show that the Earth may run out of oxygen. The analysis presented in the journal “Nature” shows that in about a billion years our planet will not be livable for aerobic organisms. The oxygen concentration level is expected to drop to about 1 percent of what it has today. To carry out this research, scientists created special models of climate systems. Thanks to them, they could better check how the Earth’s weather conditions will change. Researchers focused mainly on biological and geological aspects. On the basis of the conducted analysis it was established that in the distant future the lack of oxygen will be caused by the “aging” of the sun. Due to its increasing heating, and thus much higher level of energy released, the Earth will start to run out of carbon dioxide, which is an element that absorbs heat. When the CO2 level will be very …


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What is currently happening in the world leaves no illusions that time for the majority is just about to end and not in 100 or more years, only the richest believe that they will survive and …Read the whole thing

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In a billion years I won’t care, and people will then be living on Mars or some other Earth in another Planetary System. What is only one Earth? We only think so because we have no knowledge in the subject. The universe is probably full of life, and while that is only my guess, I’m sure it is.

We will die for …

2 days ago

Quote from the article: “When the CO2 level is very low, photosynthesis will be impossible. This means that plants and bacteria will stop supplying us with oxygen. Only anaerobes and the simplest bacteria will survive on Earth ”. Do I think we are paying a lot of money for the production of carbon dioxide (e.g. burning coal) and are we obliged to reduce its emission? that is, we should strive to stop photosynthesizing plants, herbivorous animals have nothing to eat, carnivores starve to death, terrible heat prevails due to the lack of heat absorbing CO2 and that only anaerobic bacteria survive? And we pay extra for that ????


To worry about that, I’d have to be immortal. That is much time. A billion years ago there were still no dinosaurs.

There is nothing to tweet here. I’m going to the store to get some oxygen to spare

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But these kinds of things will be written without question … ……

I am in favor of something fucking in these three countries, China, the USA and Russia, it may wake up that they are carrying them alone on the ground, although I doubt if it will help.

I propose to these scientists and the author of the article to return to elementary school, since when do plants produce oxygen ?? And when I buy a used car and take the engine out of it and sell it, I’m an engine manufacturer ?? Stupidity should bolt. Oxygen is produced on earth by the oceans, and more precisely by the colonies of cyanobacteria living in them. The author of the article, or rather a scribble, read the research results with understanding and then get to the articles. Even the pseudoscientific ones in your pathetic performance

When I live, I will let you know. Zy will work

In about a billion years, I have no oxygen? Kuźwa I’m worried already. What will I do because if I miss oxygen ???? Help what am I supposed to do !!!! ?????


15 h ago

I am fired on this, I will be biting the sand of Sachara for a long time … 😊

Pindolol about Szopienie, that he was a painter, maybe people will believe it.


Oxygen will not run out. Only human stupidity will make us complete

What catastrophe will happen in 500 million years? Greetings

Haha … it will never end. These calculations of yours are worth nothing. You’ll kill people sooner

It is very possible that in 1 billion years there will be no Earth at all.

As usual, they scare the slaves. Conscious people do not get caught up in such crooked fairy tales …

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