The Palau de Bellavista hotel, the mecca of Christmas dinners


The Palau de Bellavista hotel in Girona is slowly becoming a business point of reference for the Christmas holidays. This establishment, which belongs to the URHotels chain, hosted the events of 24 companies for mainly Christmas meals. Lunches and dinners were held from December 10 to 24, serving more than 1,300 customers at its facilities. To make matters worse, the establishment also recorded five New Year’s Eve celebrations, which gathered more than 500 people, most of them local audiences. As the hotel emphasized in a statement, “this type of event is positioning the company as a brand that cares about people, cares about the satisfaction of its best customers and chooses to demonstrate this affection for gross mode providing the ideal opportunity to enjoy quality cuisine while diners share experiences, information on the current state of the market, but also anecdotes. “



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