World The pandemic progresses: Europe threatened by a new wave

The pandemic progresses: Europe threatened by a new wave

The pandemic is progressing in America and in India.

The pandemic of Covid-19 is progressing in the southern United States, in Latin America but also in India, while threatening to leave in Europe, where the population is called to vigilance.

“We have a serious problem in some areas,” said dr. Anthony Fauci, the expert listened to the most the us government on the pandemic, alluding to the south and to the west of the country. The numbers of contamination are rising steadily.

The vice-chairman Mike Pence has announced that the last balance-sheet daily had reached a very high level, exceeding 40,000 cases.

Texas, one of the first u.s. States to have re-opened its economy, suspended the process and ordered Friday the closure of bars. And Florida has prohibited the sale of alcohol in bars.

The contagion is progressing in 30 of the 50 american States, especially in the largest and most populous of the south and west : California, Texas and Florida.

In Florida, the number of infections exploded in June after the end of containment. And the disease affects mainly the young : the average age of infected persons is 33 years, compared with 65 two months ago.

In total, the pandemic killed at least 494.337 dead in the world since China is a formal state of the onset of the disease in December, according to a report drawn up by the AFP. The bar of the ten million cases expected to be taken next week, according to the WHO.

India from its side has exceeded 500,000 cases of coronavirus, announced on Saturday that the government, with a record of some 18.500 in one day. The country could register its one-millionth case in July.

“Unlike China, where the pandemic was relatively more concentrated, around Wuhan and some other cities, India has a spread wider which makes things a bit more complicated for the health system”, explained Anant Bhan, a public health expert.

To develop tests, vaccines and treatments, the WHO estimated Friday at more than $ 30 billion of the necessary funds, on the eve of a donor conference. To date, $ 3.4 billion have been promised.

After the United States (124.732 death to more than 2.3 million cases), it is Brazil that has suffered the most deaths (55.961). The president Jair Bolsonaro continues to feed the controversy, having made an appeal of a decision of a judge who forced to wear a mask in public.

In Argentina, the president Alberto Fernandez on Friday announced a tightening of the containment measures to Buenos Aires and its outskirts from the 1st to the 17th of July, in the face of rising cases. In contrast, the Peru, the second country most affected in Latin America, will déconfiner Tuesday, its capital city Lima, where the epidemic is slowing down.

In Europe, the inhabitants are tempted to turn the page, despite the threat of a resumption of the contamination.

European countries must decide on a proposal of the list of fifteen States that travellers will be admitted to the Union on 1 July, which excludes the United States and that includes China under the condition.

The WHO is concerned that an acceleration of the contamination in eleven European countries. Ukraine has recorded 1.109 case Friday, a record called “wave serious, according to the authorities.


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