The parish does not fly to the USA. I will be meeting in person tonight, he said

Jan Farský announced on Monday that he would leave the position of head of the STAN deputies due to a six-month internship in the United States of America and that he plans to leave today if nothing happens.

However, complications arose because deputies on Wednesday did not have time to vote on the government’s confidence due to the marathon of opposition deputies’ speeches, and negotiations will continue today after 6 p.m. The parish will therefore remain in Prague and will sit in the parliamentary bench in Prague in the evening.

Nothing changes, what I said applies, I will be present at the meeting of confidence in the government in person.

Jan Farský, Member of STAN

13. 1. 2022

“Nothing changes, what I said applies, I will be present at the meeting of trust in the government,” wrote Jan Farský.

Due to the internship, Farský refused to resign his parliamentary mandate, resigning himself only to the position of chairman of the movement’s parliamentary club. He promised that he would be able to fly to important votes in the future. “Parliament’s mandate is still a priority. This is not a trip, it is a scientific work, the result of which has a positive effect on my professional growth, but also for the Czech Republic. Voters may decide that I made the wrong decision, it may mean that they will not support me in the next elections, “said MP STAN Farský within a week.

The deputy will be on an internship at the University of Oregon in the USA for six months. The Fulbright Commission supported his project and received a scholarship. He will send the MP’s salary to several non-profit organizations during his stay in the USA.

However, Farský’s decision is in conflict with the coalition agreement between Pirates and STAN. The section on co-operation states in the point of duty of candidates that the elected candidate must give priority to his position, for example, over education.

Reaction to Farski’s departure

Alena Schillerová (YES), chairwoman of the parliamentary group: “I do not intend to frame Mr. Farski. He must answer this to his constituents. I can’t imagine that I would disappoint the commitment from the voters, this confidence, by leaving for half a year. “

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS): “It does not affect the activities of the government, it is the decision of the deputy. Mr Farský informed me some time ago and assured me that he would be present at the important vote. “

Governor of Liberec Martin Půta (STAN): “I am glad that at a time when the professional and linguistic preconditions of top politicians are so often being addressed in our society, we have someone in our ranks who will receive a prestigious Fulbright scholarship. It’s entirely up to Honza how he gets to the whole thing. But hand in heart, even during a six-month stay in America, he will not be one of the biggest absenteeists in parliament. “

Farský, 42, graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno. He succeeded the commission in a project that addresses the possibility of transforming 250 years of American federalism into a plan for the next quarter century of the European Union. Petr Gazdík (STAN) stated that the STAN club will continue to use Farský’s experience from a distance.


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