The parties distributed a record subsidy of 372 million in the year of the electoral repetition

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Electoral repetitions have an economic consequence. The political parties divided 372 million in the year of the 2019 electoral repetition, which constitutes a record. The data was revealed this Thursday by the Court of Accounts after auditing the public funds received by the parties.

The figure doubles the subsidies granted in 2018 and also those registered in the years 2014 and 2015 in which various electoral events also took place. If in the 2014-2015 biennium the Court of Auditors counted more than 46th millionin 2018 and 2019 it was reached 555 million. The parties committed in 2019 to look for savings formulas to mitigate the cost of so many electoral processes in one year, but the resulting amount exceeds any record in a single year.

This spectacular figure is broken down as follows in the report approved by the supervisory body: «183 million in 2018 and 372 million euross in 2019, an increase that was due to the large number of electoral processes held in this last year,” highlights the Court of Auditors in a summary statement of the report.

«The report establishes that these amounts represented 71% and 83% of the total resources obtained by the parties in the years analyzed. For this reason, the Court of Auditors recommends to formations the convenience of balancing the balance between public and private financing to avoid excessive dependence on public income and, consequently, possible situations of insolvency,” he emphasizes.

Insolvency haunts different parties that also commit irregularities. The Court of Auditors threatens sanctions against groups with parliamentary representation such as More Country y Vox for donations received and warns of a financial situation of bankruptcy of different political parties and foundations, including the party itself. Iñigo Errejón, Teruel Exists and the Pablo Iglesias socialist foundation and the Dissent from Vox. This Thursday, the Court of Auditors approved the audit report on the annual accounts of the corresponding political parties for 2018 and 2019 and, in them, detected irregularities “that could constitute punishable infractions,” he threatens.

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