The partners of the SGAE approve the new statutes of the entity


The General Assembly of the SGAE has approved by a qualified majority the new proposal for the Statutes in an Extraordinary General Assembly held this Thursday in Madrid.

In total, the new statutes have received the support of a total of 22,070 partners, which represents a support of 85.19 percent, while a total of 3,323 have voted against (12.38%) and 514 have abstained , with a total of 25,907 votes.

In this way, the partners of the SGAE give the green light to the statutes necessary to adapt the SGAE to the new Intellectual Property Law, which came into force last March.

This is one of the points of the day of this meeting, in which the ratification of articles 173, 190, 191 and 229 of the SGAE Regulations will also be put to a vote; the approval of the transfer of real estate, property of the entity: Oviedo and Fuenlabrada; the approval of the incorporation in the income of the entity of the existing difference in the rights pending distribution; the examination and approval of the viability Plan of the SGAE Foundation; and the approval of the transfer of assets and liabilities of the properties of Seville and Madrid.

As sources from the Ministry of Culture and Sports have pointed out to Europa Press, the approval of a statutory modification that would make the entity’s Statutes comply with the legal provisions “would undoubtedly make the Ministry review the actions that may be essential for this redirection of the situation”.

However, the department headed by José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes specifies that, for this, after being approved by the Assembly, the statutory modification must be “analyzed and approved” by the Ministry. Specifically, the SGAE has one month to present them to the Ministry, and the Ministry has three months to confirm that it is adjusted.

“Any modification that is considered to be not in accordance with the provisions of the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law will be denied by the Ministry and this must be corrected by the SGAE through a new procedure of statutory modification. Today only it can be said that there has been no event that makes the entity abandon the decision to intervene, “they warn from Culture. THIRD VOTE SINCE THE NEW LPI

This has not been the first time that the SGAE partners have voted on new statutes. In December 2018, the majority necessary to adapt them to European regulations was not reached, as claimed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports headed by José Guirao.

With the reform of the Intellectual Property Law approved, in June 2019 it again underwent a vote that continued without obtaining the necessary majority.

The assembly held this Thursday was scheduled for last October, but was finally delayed after a requirement from Culture related to the departure of authors from the entity.

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