The passenger cleverly tricks Ryanair's baggage policy


Whether it's food or luggage: the low-cost airline Ryanair costs more. In November, the airline further strengthened the rules on hand baggage. Now only pieces of baggage, which do not exceed the dimensions of 40 x 20 x 25 cm, with in the plane. All other cases, backpacks or carts must be abandoned. This costs at least eight euros more.

It was too good for the passenger Lee Cimino. The thirty-year-old had booked a flight from Manchester to Belfast, where he wanted to spend a weekend, only to find out soon after that he was not allowed to take his trolley on board. And so he made a smart plan to circumvent the new Ryanair baggage regulations.

"I love Ryanair, they've already flown everywhere," he said in a video that captured his trip.

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Posted by Lee Cimino on Sunday November 4th 2018

"But these last changes are too much." So the Brit brought his coat to his tailor and asked him to sew so many pockets and compartments in which all his luggage would be contained, he told The Independent magazine.

Ryanair did not like makeup

"It will never work," he thought as he looked for the recovered coat. But it was worth trying. He decided to try his luck on November 3rd.

"Passing security was not a problem," he told Independent. "I simply put the coat in the tray." He was very nervous. "But at the gate I could easily get on the plane."

Now that the makeup with the coat has worked so well, Cimino wants to try it in the future. "I would not hesitate to do it again or recommend it to others, I do not care much about money, because at the end of the flight you should otherwise wait for your luggage and save time and money."

Ryanair, however, believes that deception is not necessary. "Thanks to our increased baggage allowance (40 percent larger) and the most economical check-in option (eight euros for a bag up to ten kilograms), Ryanair customers can bring everything without having to look like a Michelin male "one such speaker.

In Italy, the competition authority is already trying to tackle the cost of hand baggage. He prohibited the practice. Requesting more for an "important part of the transport contract" is "misleading" in terms of actual ticket costs and complicates price comparison, according to the Authority. Ryanair, however, announced "immediate appeal" and wants to stick to the practice. The airline had said that it wanted to avoid delays because the numerous suitcases of cabin baggage did not fit the aircraft carrier and Ryanair in the past always had a part in the hold.

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