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Sega Co., Ltd. announced that the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One game “Death of Judgment: Annihilated Memories” scheduled to be released on September 24, 2021, includes “investigative actions” and ” Game trailers for new real-machine videos such as “Youth Group Drama” have been released. Do not miss!

“The Judgment’s Passing: Annihilated Memories” is the second installment in the “Trial Eye” series that is widely acclaimed for its excellent court drama stories and diverse game content. In pursuit of the truth, the protagonist, Takayuki Iori, who will never give up even with bruises and bruises, will appear again by Takuya Kimura. This work will tell the story of Iori on the new stage-Yokohama.

At the same time, the main characters surrounding the Iori will also be played by a luxurious cast composed of Hiroshi Nakao, Hiroshi Tamaki, Koshi Yamamoto, and Koishiken who have starred in the previous work, making the story of this work more in-depth.

A trial that was supposed to be ordinary, but because of a certain event, it has become a compelling and mysterious drama. The story goes beyond everyone’s expectations… The lost truth, the forgotten justice. What will Takayuki Iori see through the “annihilated memory”?

Takuya Kimura once again collaborated with “Dragon in the Man Studio” to produce and develop the court drama action game “Death of Trial: Memory of Annihilation”, so stay tuned.

Introduce richer investigation actions and entertainment venues in Kamuromachi

Sega Co., Ltd. announced that the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Xbox Series scheduled to be released on September 24, 2021

X|S, Xbox One game “The Judgement: The Memory of Annihilation”, the more colorful investigation action and the introduction of the entertainment venues and mini games of Kamurocho are released.

The “investigative action” required to solve the mystery of the incident

As a detective, Iori must use a variety of “investigative actions” when pursuing the mystery of the incident. In this work, there will be more detailed investigations, more realistic movements, and new “physical movements” that use the dexterous posture of the eight gods, and “concealment” for secret actions, and so on.

“Introduction to Investigation Actions”

Physical activity

Using “physical movements”, Iori can use his agile posture to go to places that are normally inaccessible. You can use the bumps and pipes of the wall to move, and you can also jump to the destination. The scope of Iori’s actions has been greatly expanded as a result.

▼When moving along pipes and walls with the strength of your arms, you need to pay attention to the “grip strength meter” that shows your grip.

▼Even if there is some distance from the target position, you can use jump forward while climbing the wall. Sometimes you can even land with a big jump from a height such as the roof! ?

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In order to investigate the incident and the commission it received, it is sometimes necessary to use a new investigation action “Hidden”, relying on covert actions to avoid the enemy’s warning net. Using the sound of coin tossing to induce the enemy to move, using smoke bombs to make the enemy lose sight, etc. Breaking through the block without being discovered by the enemy is the key to a successful strategy.

▼After hitting an enemy with a ball mixed with powder, it will make it unable to move for a certain period of time. Use the time when the smoke blocks its vision to slip past the enemy to move forward safely.

▼When the opponent’s movement is restricted, approaching quietly from behind can stun the opponent and cause it to faint. On the other hand, if it is found by an enemy in a state of alert, it will be chased and difficult to escape.


In order to find out the actions of the target person, it is necessary to use the basic skills of a detective to “track”. Use the brand-new “camouflage action” to integrate with the surrounding environment to fool the more difficult target person.

▼Hide in the shadows and track them without being noticed by the target person. If the killer’s “camouflage action” is used, Iori will perform various “disguise” according to the situation.

▼The AI ​​of the target person in this work has also been greatly strengthened. Depending on the level of alertness, different actions such as escape, close observation, and hiding will be made according to the different levels of alertness.


When “chasing”, you must avoid crowds and obstacles while chasing the escaped target person. In this work, you can perform more dexterous actions to chase the target.

During the chase, the Iori and the target character have corresponding physical strength. If they hit an obstacle or are hindered by the target, their physical strength will decrease. When the Iori’s physical strength is exhausted, the game will end. If the target runs out of stamina, it will stop moving. At this time, get close to the target to capture it. Capture the target before the Iori runs out of stamina.

▼Enter the corresponding button within the time limit to avoid crowds and obstacles and continue chasing the target. In a narrow scene, you can also run along the wall to avoid it.

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▼You can also use the skateboard as a means of movement to chase.


“Unlock” is required when sneaking into the building and unlocking the locked door. According to the different types of locks, it is divided into paddle unlocking and password cracking.

▼Quickly unlock and dive into the building. The paddle unlocking method requires a delicate operation to lift the paddle.

▼You need to enter the lock corresponding to the password. Rely on the information obtained and enter the correct number.

Search mode

Searching for people and evidence, and the “search mode” is very important in various scenes. In this work, it can be used not only at the scene of the incident, but also at various places such as station platforms and schools.

▼In order to obtain the necessary information, investigate suspicious locations.

Show evidence

In order to obtain the information that the other party knows, it is necessary to “show evidence” during questioning. By showing the other party the most appropriate evidence obtained during the investigation, you can ask the important information or the truth of the matter needed to solve the incident, and sometimes showing the correct evidence can also get rid of the crisis.

▼Show decisive evidence to the other party among the many evidences. If you show the correct evidence, you can persuade the other party or gain the other party’s understanding.

Introduction of Kamurocho and information on entertainment venues

Kamurocho, Japan’s largest happy street where the Iori detective office is located, is also the hometown of Iori’s teenage years of youth.

For a long time, the underworld organization named Dongchenghui controlled the underground society here. After its sudden dissolution, it also maintained stability. But on the other hand, smaller groups appeared one after another, trying to fill the power vacuum that emerged in the underground society.

Although the main stage of this work is in Yokohama, Iori can still perform activities in his familiar Kamuromachi.

《Amusement place like Kamuromachi》


Many games can be played in the arcade hall, and there are two stores in Kamurocho, Nakamichi Street Store and Theater Square Store.

At “SEGA Club Nakamichi Avenue Store”, you can play fighting games such as “SONIC THE FIGHTERS”, “Fighting Vipers”, and “Virtua Fighter 5”. In the “SEGA Club Theater Square Shop”, you can play large arcade games such as “Claw Machine”, “OutRun”, and “MOTOR RAID”.

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▲SEGA Club Zhongdao Avenue Store ▲SEGA Club Theater Square Store


In this game, you can play the old arcade masterpiece “SONIC THE FIGHTERS”! Operate the characters of the Sonic series and start a fierce battle!

  ・Fighting Vipers

The arcade hall of this work can also play the famous arcade “Fighting Vipers”. Operate the armored warrior “Vipers” to fight!

・Claw machine

New prizes have been added to the claw machine in this work! There are cute pigs, penguin dolls, and pixel models of the well-known Shenshijing and Ono Doo from the “Dragon in Man” series. After winning these prizes, you can decorate in the office.

Shire Video Game Center

An arcade hall with many nostalgic games. The props of the decoration office can be obtained from the gashapon machine here.

Yoshida Baseball Batting Practice Field

The only veteran baseball batting practice field in Kamurocho. With a wealth of difficulty and a variety of schedules, you can hit the ball as much as you like here.

Outdoor shogi stand

Located on the corner of Tianxiaban Avenue, there is an open-air shogi stand where shogi lovers gather. Anyone can easily join in. There are a ranked battle mode in the form of a battle, a breakthrough test mode in which a battle is played in a handicap state, and an endgame mode in which shogi solves puzzles.

Mahjong Lullaby

Located on the 4th floor of a building on Tianxiaban Avenue, it is a mahjong hall suitable for beginners. Participate in the special competition if you meet certain conditions in the Mahjong Hall.

※The above are all screens under development of PS5TM version.

※The screen is the Japanese version of the game content. Simplified Chinese is supported in the traditional Chinese version of the officially released product.

“Eye of Judgment: Death’s Last Words Remastered” is now on sale at a special price! The first game in the series, “The Eye of Judgment: The Last Words of Reaper” is now on sale at a special price! Please also experience the first game in the critically acclaimed series before the release of “The Judgment: Annihilated Memories”. Official website: http://asia.sega.com/ryu-ga-gotoku/judgeeyes/cn/


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