The patch notes only concern the loot


In Anthem, this is a new hotfix that increases Bottino's release rates.

This is the background of the loot: Especially in the final of Anthem the players complain that the loot is too rare. The falling rates of the Master and Legendary objects were scarce in proportion to the quantity required.

According to the players, some have spent more than 150 hours in the game and have never seen a legendary item before. Legendary objects (yellow) are the most precious of the game.

Players want a bug that made it rain in Loot. Here they finally enjoyed smiling at the objects.

Hymn Gkück math meme
Falling rates and the distribution of article statistics are a headache for developers.

This changed Anthem to Drop-Rates

What changes the hotfix?

  • Drop rates for Master and Legendary items have been increased in Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3. Grandmaster is one of the difficulty levels in Anthem.
  • The mastery and legendary drop rates have been increased for the toughest opponents of all skill levels. Includes: Legendary Titans, Epic Titans, Legendary Fury, Legendary Acid Ursix and Legendary Enlightened Elders.

These adjustments apply to all activities in Anthem, including forts.

Do I need to download a patch? No. The update is server side.

When will the update come? Adjustments have already been made. Release rates should already be increased.

Are there exact numbers for the correction? No. BioWare did not specify how much the fall rates increase in percentage terms.

Title titan title anthem of Anthem
Difficult bosses like the legendary Titans now have a higher rate of falling than legendary objects and mastery.

First reactions to the rapid update

On Reddit, the hotfix was officially approved by the Community Manager Andrew Johnson posted.

How to react to players: Shortly after the release of the patch notes, players thank you. He is pleased that BioWare receives the delivery rate report.

However, players would have liked the exact numbers on falling rates. It would have been more transparent and would have shown if the changes are really significant.

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How BioWare answers: The community manager answers the question about the exact numbers. According to Johnson, he could not share statistics with the community. The fall rate adjustment, but should be significant.

Johnson also points out that the drops of the items are still random. It can vary from player to player, as booty has finally dusted.

In the future there will also be other important changes to Anthem's loot. However, the details cannot betray the Community Manager. Johnson says the team is working hard at the loot right now.

Inno Bottino Announcement Owen
In the future, more will be messed up on Anthem's loot and processed feedback.

Will the quick update improve the loot situation? It has been an important critical point for players for weeks that booty hunting has been frustrating.

C were simply too rare valuables. This problem could actually solve the hotfix. It also has the effect of making it more attractive to play Grandmaster 2 and 3 in higher difficulty levels.

However, c & # 39; was a new problem with the loot in Anthem after the last patch. This will also not solve the quick update:

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