The person in charge of the Liaoning Sports Bureau: always leave a place for Zhou Qi and always support him jqknews

Original title: Head of Liaoning Sports Bureau: Always leave Zhou Qi a place to support him

According to news from the media on October 15, Beijing time, after the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team won the National Games championship, a person in charge of the Liaoning Sports Bureau said in the locker room that the Liaoning Sports Bureau would always reserve a place for Zhou Qi.

“Liaoning Sports Bureau will always leave you a place and always support you, you are all one of us.” The person in charge said in the locker room. Subsequently, Zhang Zhenlin, Han Dejun, Yang Ming and others applauded.

During the offseason, the dispute between Zhou Qi and the Xinjiang men’s basketball team was raging. After missing the registration date for the new season, Zhou Qi announced that he had signed with the Australian NBL league team and had obtained a visa some time ago.Return to Sohu to see more


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