The photos show the traces left by the Chinese rover on the back of the moon


China rover the dark side of the moonThe Chinese rut Yutu-2 moves through the back of the moon.China National Space Administration

New photos from the Chinese state space agency show their moon Yutu-2 rover leaving signs on the back of the moon.

This reconnaissance mission is historically significant, since China is the first nation in history to land the Chang spacecraft and 4 in the Von Kármán crater on the back of the moon – falsely known as the "dark side" landed safely.

The new images show the first "steps" of Yutu-2, the Rover & # 39; and Rover, and how it moves away from its mother ship.

The first exhibition that leaves the ramp:

China dark side of the moon moon rover tracksClearly visible are the traces left by Yutu-2 as it moves away from the mother ship.China National Space Administration / Xinhua News Agency via AP

Another show like Yutu-2 is heading towards a small crater:

China rover the dark side of the moonYutu-2 is also called Jadehase 2, referring to an ancient Chinese legend in which a princess is banished to the moon. Their only company: a wise hare.China National Space Administration

China has set itself the goal of learning more about the less known region of the Moon and of reaching the United States and Russia as the flowers at the eyelet of space exploration.

The first photos of the landing, released on Thursday by the National Space Administration, show the first floor in the foreground of the crater surface at the back.

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The Rover, also known as Jade Rabbit 2 (or Jadehase 2), has six-wheel drive to be able to react as flexibly as possible in case of failure, reports the Associated Press. It has a top speed of 0.16 km / h and can go up to 20 degrees and even obstacles up to 20 cm in height, the report states.

The designer of the rover, Shen Zhenrong of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, described the surface of the back of the CCTV state television channel as "soft" and "similar to when walking in the snow," said the AP.

Wu Weiren, chief designer of the Lunar Exploration Project, told CCTV that it was "a small step for Rover, but a big step for the Chinese nation," said the AP.

dark side of the moon ChinaThis close-up shows a smaller crater on the fake "dark side" called the back of the moon. Even though we can never see almost 40% of the moon side facing the Earth from here, the sun still makes it go down.Chinese national space administration

China is the first country to complete a soft landing on the back of the moon without damage. The first object created by man to appear on the back was the NASA Ranger 4 spacecraft, which crashed in 1962 following a system failure.

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The Chinese space agency stated that its goal was not only to find out more about the lunar surface and its composition and mineral structure, but also to gather data on the sun, on the other planets and on the origin of the stars.


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