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The bond that is established in friendship makes that relationship last for years and years, so that some people have “lifelong” friends. In the workplace today it is rare for a person to start working and retire in the same company, but many have discovered the importance of strengthening the bond with their employees as a strategic tool to retain talent and improve productivity.

Reinforcing, or helping to create that link if it did not exist, is the objective of corporate wellness programs such as those offered by Sap. They are based on three pillars ⎯emotional health, nutritional health and physical health⎯ and respond to the need of companies to take care of their main capital, their employees. The kind of wellbeing Savia corporate makes comprehensive care available to companies based on what experts call the ‘well-being of the five P’s’: personalized, preventive, predictive, participatory and for everyone.

“Well-being is a matter of habits, it has to do with sleeping eight hours, with a balanced diet or with good management of the stressful situations that we all go through,” explains Estefanía Villanueva, psychologist of the Savia program for companies. Those habits towards which the wellbeing can be purchased and are a guarantee of physical and mental health, the most precious asset for any employee and capital for the company in which they work.

The value of ’emotional salary’

The interest of a company and that of the workforce converge around well-being. Preserving it, as a personal and collective heritage that it is, benefits each person and helps the company reduce employee turnover and sick leave, preserve talent and, as a final result, improve productivity. The wellbeing Corporate provides a reputation to companies that apply programs such as Savia’s that makes them a reference in the world of work.

A good professional does not change jobs just because. It seeks, in addition to good economic conditions, to develop a career, grow professionally and be recognized. Pursue “an emotional salary”, in the words of Estefanía Villanueva. Corporate welfare is a fundamental part of that salary because it facilitates the conditions for the bond between the company and its staff to be strengthened. The well-being of the workforce attests to the Health of that company actually shows its value. Adopting measures that capture and retain professional heritage demonstrates the strength of your project.

Well-being is a matter of habits, it has to do with sleeping eight hours, with a balanced diet or with good management of stress situations that we all go through

Estefanía Villanueva, psychologist of the Savia program for companies

The program of Sap Aimed at companies, it is distinguished from other proposals in that it has a comprehensive vision, focuses on physical, mental and social well-being and does not only seek to avoid or detect illnesses or diseases. It offers personalized attention to each employee and each company with a preventive approach. Thus, before stress wreaks havoc, a psychologist can help a person manage the situation. A multidisciplinary approach allows, for example, that this employee also has advice from a specialist on anti-stress nutrition, or the possibility of accessing a personalized physical exercise program or having a physiotherapist.

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Savia’s program aimed at companies is distinguished from other proposals in that it has a comprehensive vision, focuses on physical, mental and social well-being and does not only seek to prevent or detect illnesses or diseases. AzmanL (Getty Images)

The global care offered by the Savia platform also translates into numerous telemedicine services. A GP is available by video call or chat 24/7. You can also access a specialist and even receive, if the professional prescribes it, an electronic prescription. The modality of access to professional care is adapted to the needs of the user. For less important doubts, you have the service A doctor answers. If you prefer to speak directly with a professional, you can do so through the modality A doctor calls you. In addition to accessing an immediate and scheduled video consultation with a doctor, Savia also offers this service with psychologists and nutritionists.

A strategic tool

The data analysis that Savia offers to companies allows them to predict possible health problems or detect areas to improve the well-being of the workforce. The company has the aggregated data, those of each employee are confidential. This information gives companies the possibility to anticipate, a characteristic of innovative organizations that set trends. The leading companies in their respective fields are those that opt ​​for formulas such as wellbeing Savia corporate. Thanks to this model, in addition to quantifying the aspects related to well-being, the participation and involvement of all the members of the company is favored, another of the characteristics of the wellbeing Savia corporate.

“The most important value we have is our employees and we not only want to be a good place to work, but also a better place to live. We want Fnac to be a company where you can feel proud as an employee”. This is how Armando Gómez, responsible for Well-being and Occupational Health of this pioneering brand in cultural services, summarizes the idea that moved them to incorporate Savia as partner in order to obtain benefits for all its staff (psychological care and physiotherapy).

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Arturo Bujalance, Director of Business Development at Savia, emphasizes the reciprocal feedback between the worker and the company. “Companies are made up of people, and people are a combination of rational and emotional intelligence,” reflects Bujalance. ”Therefore, when in a company, the employee, both rationally and emotionally, feels comfortable, their profitability increases (it helps creativity, interpersonal relationships, etc.), resulting in greater efficiency for the company. and, therefore, may its value grow.”

The companies that have opted for this strategic line have verified how the bond between employees and their company was strengthened and how corporate well-being helped to create a work environment of trust, which in turn made it easier for the talent of the workforce to bear optimal fruit. . The best universities in the world, such as Harvard or Oxford, which have investigated the factors that affect well-being, confirm this.

“These programs will be a part of non-monetary compensation for the employee”

Arturo Bujalance, Director of Business Development at Savia.
Arturo Bujalance, Director of Business Development at Savia.

What kind of companies are interested in corporate wellness programs like Savia’s?
All companies are interested in corporate wellness programs, both large corporations and smaller companies, regardless of the activity or the sector to which they belong. A few years ago it was the large corporations that showed the most interest. But, at present, they are already much more widespread among all types of companies. Current wellness programs can be customized according to the particular needs of each company and, in this way, help them provide them with the necessary resources to create strategies at the level of mental, physical, nutritional health…

What future do these programs have in the business world?
Wellness programs are here to stay, and will eventually become part of the culture of all companies. Much progress is being made in this field, because it is in this type of program where all the advances in the world of digital health (AI, big data, smart devices, etc) that will allow each company to have the program or programs that best fit their strategy, reaching a complete customization of the same for each profile and/or type of employee. In this way, these programs will become that part of non-monetary remuneration that adds a lot of value. In this sense, the future that is presented is very exciting and full of challenges.

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what does he say wellbeing corporate value of a company?
The company not only obtains this increase in value directly due to the increase in efficiency. It also obtains an increase in indirect value in the market, because those companies that have happy employees become benchmarks, both to attract talent and, therefore, what this entails, and to attract companies that want to work with you, be it at the client level. that is, at the provider level.

What expectations do these companies have and what effects can you expect from their implementation?
The expectations are very high because these programs are going to become that non-monetary remuneration that helps to attract and retain talent that in turn increases the value of the company. In this way, the effects that can be expected from its implementation will always be positive, both at the ROI level, which is around 1/4, that is, €4 return for each euro invested in this type of program, and at the market value of the company.

Due to the return they have from the companies that have opted for the wellbeing corporate, what services are the most valued?
All those that are oriented to the care of mental, nutritional and physical health and, specifically, psychology, nutritional programs and gymnastics online. In the area of ​​mental health, for example, in our case, what companies value most is that we have psychology segmented according to the disorder/pathology and by age so that, an OCD is not the same as a depression, nor is it the same to treat depression for a child than for an adult, we make available to the employee the possibility of having a psychologist specifically qualified in that disorder and age. In the nutritional part, we have done the same and we have also segmented it including, in addition to pathologies. In the physical part, in addition to the content at the level of gym classes, yoga, mindfulness, the possibility of performing physiotherapy is highly valued in-place, that is, sending physiotherapists to companies to be able to carry out physiotherapy sessions for employees.

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