The PiS will try to form a Government in Poland despite the fact that the final results confirm its defeat

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It’s official now. There will be a change of Government in Poland. The Law and Justice party (PiS) has lost its absolute majority in Sunday’s general elections and will not be able to repeat its term. According to the final results announced today by the electoral commission, the only government option will be a tripartite led by the former president of the European Council, Donal Tusk. After all the constituencies were counted, the PiS reached 35.38% of the votes, while the liberal-conservative electoral alliance Civic Coalition (CO) of the opposition leader, Donald Tusk, obtained 30.7%.

With the centrist Third Way and New Left, the tripartite would obtain 249 seats in a parliament of 460.

PiS has not resigned as the most voted party to try to form a Government, but he has no partner and the only formation he could call, although arithmetic doesn’t work, is the extreme right. The Confederation has kept 7.16%.

Despite the clarity provided by the polls, President Andrezj Duda could give himself up to the 30 days established by law to commission the formation of a Government, a commission that PiS has already demanded.

Tusk had already expressed his optimism on Sunday night after the predictions that he was the real winner of the elections were published. “I have never been so happy about second place. Poland has won, democracy has won, this is the end of the PiS government,” he said.

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