The PKS Bill Is Changed, the Definition of Rape Is Considered So vague

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Activist woman Devi Asmarini assessed that forms of sexual violence in the form of rape and Online Gender-Based Violence (KBGO) were vague in the Draft Law on Criminal Acts of Sexual Violence (RUU TPKS).

Devi explained that the PKS Bill had actually detailed the terminology for the two forms of sexual violence. The PKS Bill has also detailed the matter of criminal action in the two cases of sexual violence. However, it is not in the TPKS Bill.

“The definition of rape has just been changed and made more disguised or made indecisive, KBGO is not accommodated even though cases of sexual violence on social media continue to occur during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Devi said when contacted., Wednesday (8/9).

He also assessed that the fate of the PKS Bill was not clear and could still be bounced even though it has entered the 2021 Prolegnas. He referred to the change in the proposed new draft of the PKS Bill by the DPR Baleg into the TPKS Bill. The change in the title and substance of the bill shows that there are still conflicts to ratify the PKS Bill.

Devi also criticized the matter of compromise in the DPR to change the PKS Bill which details forms of sexual violence to victims’ recovery efforts, into a TPKS Bill which only focuses on taking action against the perpetrators.

“The initial draft of the PKS Bill has been bounced around for years. In the end, when it entered the Legislative Council, there was a compromise which resulted in the most fundamental changes from title to article,” said Devi.

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“I think this is worrying, even though it is still being discussed in Baleg but there are still internal conflicts, so this bill is still vulnerable to being bounced back and not being ratified,” he continued.

Previously, the draft TPKS Bill drew criticism for removing many crucial articles in an effort to eliminate sexual violence. The name change from the PKS Bill to the TPKS Bill was also highlighted because it was considered to eliminate the philosophical meaning of eliminating sexual violence.

The latest text only stipulates four types of sexual violence, namely sexual harassment, forced contraceptives, forced sexual intercourse, and sexual exploitation.

Deputy Chairman of the Legislation Agency (Baleg) of the DPR RI, Willy Aditya, said that the Draft Law on the Crime of Sexual Violence (RUU TPKS) was still in the initial draft status, and his party was still receiving various criticisms from various groups.


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