The planets will (really) align

The phenomenon occurs every 100 years. Astronomer Pierre Bratschi gives us some explanations.

You will have to get up very early if you want to witness this extremely rare phenomenon. From the middle of the night to dawn, an alignment of the planets of the solar system can be observed in the sky. “It is a long phenomenon. The planets are not aligned in a rectilinear direction. It’s a relative view, they are all at an angle to each other. And they follow one another as in the order of the solar system, explains astronomer Pierre Bratschi.

All the planets can be observed, except Mercury, too close to the sun. “It’s quite interesting to have a small telescope for Jupiter, its satellites and even the rings of Saturn. It’s always wonderful to see this kind of spectacle. To best appreciate the view, it is better to look from the countryside so as not to suffer from light pollution.

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