The plastic artist Miguel Von Dangel passed away

Miguel Von Dangel

Venezuelan plastic artist Miguel Von Dangel passed away early this Sunday, July 25 at the University Hospital of Caracas.

The information was disseminated by other visual artists on the social network Twitter. «Today, July 25, 2021, at 1:35 am, at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Caracas, our great friend and Venezuelan artist Miguel Von Dangel passed away. Peace to his remains, ”reported Keyla Holmquist, artist and illustrator.

«Miguel Von Dangel, national prize of the arts, has died on an old mattress, without sheets, in the university hospital, this is Venezuela today. However, their Glory will not be taken away from them, “lamented Corina Briceño, visual artist and teacher.

«Today Miguel Von Dangel, the iconoclastic artist of painting and assemblage, left. I met him at his workshop in Petare, where he received anyone interested in discovering and interviewing him. I was able to dedicate a short documentary to him and understand his method. Peace to the remains of the teacher ”, dedicated the university professor, critic and documentarian, Sergio Monsalve.

«Unfortunately his death and the conditions. I remember him with a very particular personality, but the important thing is that his contribution to the arts remains ”, tweeted Omar Britto-Montilla, publicist and graphic designer.

Von Dangel was born in Bayreuth, Germany in 1946. In the company of his parents, the Polish zoologist Félix Von Dangel and the German Susanne Hertrich, he emigrated to Venezuela in 1950. From that date he lived in Petare, Miranda state.

In fact, he considered himself the most Petaran of all. «I am more Petareño than Venezuelan. It is a relationship of resistance. Petare and the Petareño citizen, being marginal from Caracas, many times treated pejoratively, -‘monte y culebra ‘was before; today, thug and shots- “, he said in an interview to ABC of the Week.

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«Petareño has an identity of resistance with respect to the city and it is not bad because revolutions can also be made positively. We have developed a kind of armor in Petare to defend our roots and identity in a very subtle but very specific way. We know each other even by the way we speak. It will seem strange to him, but when one of La Pastora arrives, we immediately know that it is not from Petare, “he clarified.

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