The plug-ins are scattered! The limited test of “Absolute Force 2” will exclude cheating players blocked by “CS:GO”, and the competitive cooling penalty will also be the same | 4Gamers

“Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)” (Counter-Strike 2; CS2) built with the Source 2 engine upgrade is expected to be released this summer. At present, only the “CS:GO” players selected by Valve can join the limited test, which may be The most peaceful CS time for players, because players who cheated in “CS:GO” in the past will not be selected.

According to the official Q&A released by Valve (updatedChinese Version), the development team will select players based on a number of factors it deems important, including (but not limited to) recent playtime on Valve’s official servers, trust rating, and Steam account status. If selected to participate in the “Absolute Force 2” limited test, the player will receive a notification in the “CS:GO” main menu.

However, it is clearly stated later in the regulations that if your account is blocked by VAC in “CS:GO”, or you are punished by competitive cooling for violations, you will not be able to participate in the test or matchmaking.

I’m blocked in CS:GO. Can I use the same Steam account to play Absolute Force 2?

cannot.subject to VAC or《CS:GO》Game-blocked accounts cannot play Absolute Force 2 on VAC-protected servers.

Will the Competitive Cooldown Penalty apply to both Absolute Force 2 and CS:GO?

meeting.if you are in《CS:GO》Due to the competitive cooldown penalty, you will not be able to play matchmaking in “Absolute Force 2”, and vice versa.

In other words, if a player is on the cheating blacklist in Valve’s eyes, there is no way to conduct a limited test. Even if a new account is opened, it may not be able to meet the playing time conditions on Valve’s official server to ensure a fair environment for the limited test.

The “Absolute Force 2” limited test will first provide “Dust 2” deathmatch mode and non-point competitive mode game pairing. Additional game modes, maps and features will be available in future limited beta updates.

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