The PNV joins the independence boycott and will not attend the swearing-in of Princess Leonor, unlike that of Prince Felipe

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The PNV has announced that it will not attend the swearing-in ceremony of Princess Leonor’s Constitution scheduled for October 31 in Congress. The Basque nationalists thus join ERC, Junts, Bildu and BNG, whose parliamentarians already announced that they would not attend said event. The PNV did attend the swearing-in of the then Prince Philipon January 30, 1986.

In a statement published in

They add that they do not share “the effort to convert, with the parades, a theoretically civil event into a kind of civil-military exhibition. EAJ-PNV does not feel comfortable with an act that is more of a social event, in the style of the one organized on October 12 and in which he has never participated, rather than a parliamentary act itself. For all these reasons, he has decided not to attend.

Unlike groups such as ERC, Junts, Bildu or the BNG, the Basque nationalists do participate, for example, in the round of negotiations opened by the King to designate a candidate for the investiture.

The Catalan independence groups, ERC and Junts, the abertzales of EH Bildu and the nationalist deputy of the BNG have already announced that they will not attend the ceremony because they understand that the monarchy is an anachronistic institution and thus highlight their republican ideology.

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