The P&O ferry saves migrants trying to swim from France to the UK. News in the UK


A migrant wearing a wetsuit was rescued from a ferry off the coast of Calais in northern France after attempting to swim across the English Channel in the UK, the maritime authorities said.

On Monday, the Pride of Canterbury ferry crew P&O identified the man, believed to be thirty years, about 12 miles from the French coast. The ferry made a U-turn to "recover it from the sea," the French maritime authorities said for the Channel and the North Sea.

The man suffered from "severe hypothermia" and was taken by a helicopter of the French navy to a hospital in Calais, the authorities said.

At least four migrants have died so far this year in an attempt to make the dangerous crossing of the Canal, with its strong currents and very cold waters.

In October, two young Iraqis were found dead on a beach in Le Touquet, northern France. And in August, a 30-year-old Iraqi woman died when she fell from an overcrowded migrant boat. So the body of an Iraqi who tried to swim across the English Channel was found off the coast of Belgium.



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