The Police arrest the imam of the Badajoz mosque for crimes related to jihadism

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Agents of the General Information Commissionerin collaboration with the Provincial Information Brigade of Badajozthey have arrested the imam of the city mosque, Adel Najjar. The police have carried out two entries and searches and the proceedings have been declared secret.

The operation, which is coordinated from Madrid, took place in the Badajoz mosque, located in the Badajoz neighborhood of Gurugu. The National Police has arrested the imam, according to police sources confirming to THE WORLD.

The agents have carried out searches in the mosque itself and in the imam’s house, searches that are lasting for several hours and continue at this time. The detainee is in the cells of the Badajoz police station and secrecy has been declared.

In the police operation, led by the anti-terrorism group of the General Information Commissariat, there have been a total of six detainees, who are accused of crimes linked to jihadism. The intervention is directed by the judge of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón.

In an interview offered to Canal Extremadura TV on October 11, the imam of Badajoz, who was born in Gaza, recalled that he had not returned to his country for seven years, where he has his entire family, and condemned Israel’s attacks on his town after the outbreak of the war with Israel. “The images are horrible, there is an attempt to liquidate the people of Gaza, war crimes are being committed against Palestinian civilians, and we hope there will be a reaction from the international community.”

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