The Police arrest three suspects in the attack against Alejo Vidal-Quadras, two in Granada and one in Malaga, but none of them are the perpetrators.

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The investigation into the attempted murder of Alejo Vidal-Quadras has gone up another step with the arrest of two men and a woman in Andalusia. The device has been carried out by the General Information Commissioner and the arrests had been brewing for several days.

As confirmed THE WORLDone of those arrested, a Spanish national, was detained in Málaga while the other two arrests, sources in the case inform this newspaper, have been carried out in Granada.

In this last case, the same sources tell this newspaper, it is a man and his partner, whom the Police are investigating about his degree of involvement in the events. Both were in Lanjarón where they had rented an apartment and parked a rental van. It was this vehicle and the fact that it was badly parked which led investigators to the two arrested.

None of the three detainees is the material author of the events, according to the Police. The man detained in Lanjarón could be the person who hired the hitman who shot Vidal-Quadras, according to research sources. It remains to be seen in whose name he was able to hire him and the motivation for the attack.

Sources close to the investigation specify that the man detained in Malaga could be linked to the motorcycle that appeared charred in Fuenlabrada hours after the assassination attempt. The operation remains open and more arrests are expected in the coming hours.

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