The police arrested two of them in the gang-related shootout at the Fashion Place mall


Jesus Joshua Payan-Mendoza and Jorge Luis Crecencio-Gonzalez, both 19, were arrested early Monday morning, police officer Murray Kenny Bass said.

A woman, who was hit in the leg, was released by the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray. The man, who was hit in the back, remains there in critical condition.

A probable cause states that Payan-Mendoza and Crecencio-Gonzalez are involved in the "Florencia 13" band. It is unclear whether one of the guys shot a gun during the attack, Bass said, but the documents say that Crecencio-Gonzalez drove a car to escape.

Both are suspected of attempted murder and release of a firearm. And the agents are still looking for others involved.

On Monday, Bass said that members of the Florencia band "incidentally" met members of a rival gang inside the Murray shopping center around 1:30 pm. The two groups shouted one another. And as one of the left, he followed.

The two groups physically clashed out of a south-east mall entrance at 6191 S. State St. Members of the Florencia 13 gang fired and hit the man and woman, who are about twenty years old. 39 years, and that Bass said they considered rivals. The second group responded to the fire, but it does not look like they hit a member of Florencia 13.

An alarm was going to the mall just before the shooting. Bass said he "had nothing to do" with the accident, but was actually part of an ongoing problem that Fashion Place is having with its emergency alarm system.

Neither Payan-Mendoza nor Crecencio-Gonzalez have a serious criminal past. Both have a handful of past traffic tickets. I'm from the Summit County area, Bass said.

"Unfortunately, they chose a public place," he added.

Buyers and employees were terrified after hearing the shots. Many hid in the shops.

"Many people, women and children have been trampled, especially small children," Abbigail Loveridge, who works at Attic Salt, told Salt Lake Tribune.

Stella Fonseca, assistant manager at Claire & # 39; s, said store employees were trained to prepare for a shooting situation, but never imagined that she would have to use it. He turned off the lights in the shop and locked the doors.

"Finally, probably after an hour or more, [police] he let us out and told us to come out with our hands up if we were in the store, "he recalled.

The Salt Lake Tribune will update this developing story.


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