The Police charge against the radicals who were trying to tear down the fences at the end of the demonstration against the amnesty in Ferraz

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The National Police charged after 10 pm to break up the radical protesters who were trying to overturn the fences that protected the perimeter of the PSOE headquarters on Ferraz Street. A group of protesters with radical aesthetics has monopolized the front row of the protest, which the Government delegation has estimated at around 7,000 people, double the number on Monday. After almost an hour of uttering radical chants and after several confrontations with peaceful protesters who reproached them for their attitude, the Police acted after an attempt to break the network of fences, some of which they even threw at the officers.

The agents have begun the charge in the direction of Pintor Rosales promenade against the radicals, who have continued lighting and launching flares and overturning containers and furniture from some businesses in the area. The rest of the protesters, the vast majority of whom were peaceful, quickly dissolved after the charge.

Samur-Civil Protection has treated 39 people, 29 of them police officers. Most of the injured have been treated by SAMUR-Civil Protection health workers at the scene and four, one of them a police officer, have been transferred to hospital centers for breaches and in the case of the agent for a possible fracture in a hand, according to reports. a Madrid Emergency spokesperson informed EFE.

There are also at least six detainees for public disorder, five men and one woman, as confirmed by sources from the Government Delegation, who also point out that the figure may not be final.

These six arrests are in addition to the three that were carried out this Monday in the same place after an ultra group of about 200 people threw bottles and objects at the Police officers and cut the ties of the security fence in the area.

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