The police expect trouble between left and right groups in the American demonstration


The Portland police in the Oregon arrested at least three people during demonstrations by right-wing groups and counter-defendants.

The authorities did not immediately communicate the details of the arrests. Hundreds of members of the Proud Boys and Three Percenters flag-waving militants, as well as the anti-fascist black-clad counter-protests, gathered Saturday in downtown Portland.

They were greeted by a huge police presence of over two dozen local, state and federal agencies. The police used concrete barriers and closed bridges to keep rival groups separate.

Police say they have seized weapons such as metal and wooden poles, spray for bears and shields of several groups during the rally and the counter-test in the city.

Meanwhile, the leader of a right-wing group was arrested by police in Portland, Oregon, before a demonstration planned to attract people from all over the country.

Joey Gibson, a prayer patriot, urges his followers to "show themselves a hundred times" in response to his arrest, according to the Associated Press.

Gibson's arrests and five other extreme right-wing activists seem to be a signal from the cops to the organizers to keep their event peaceful, the New York Post He said. Anti-fascist groups have promised to confront the right-wingers at their gathering in the largest city in the Oregon. Similar events in the past have caused widespread unrest on the streets of Portland.

An organizer told al Portland Oregonian up to 1000 people are expected to participate in the event. Thousands of counter-demonstrators are also expected.

Gibson was not involved in the planning of the event, but he organized similar rallies in the last two years that broke out in clashes, he surrendered with an arrest warrant for riots related to the May 1 confrontation with antifa activists outside a bar in Portland.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said that "a great consideration" was given to the designation of the Antifa of an "internal terror organization", while the anti-fascist left protesters gathered in Portland, # 39; Oregon, to counter an extreme right-wing and extremist demonstration groups.

CNN reports that the Portland authorities have warned residents to stay at home while far-right groups have scheduled a demonstration to end internal terrorism, with particular attention to extremist anti-war groups.

There were fears that the rally could provoke violent clashes both between a smattering of right-wing extremists and anti-counter-demonstrators, like the ones the city has seen in recent years.

The Oath Keepers, an antigovernment group associated with the militia movement, said in a statement on its website that it will not participate in the event as a group but will continue to oppose the Antifa.



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