The police have issued thugs because the nearest cells are a two-hour trip away & # 39; –


Criminals are "running away" because overly forced police officers have to travel miles to a nearby town to arrest suspects, he was reported last night. Walsall – home to 275,000 people – has no more cells where inmates can be held. Police must bring suspects ten miles from a custody in Oldbury, Birmingham – a journey that can last up to an hour in traffic. An officer admitted to letting go of three thugs because he could not afford to leave his colleagues on New Year's Eve, while shopkeepers say they were left to face the thieves themselves.

The Green Lane police station in Walsall is closed and police must bring suspects ten miles from a custody in Oldbury, Birmingham

Aryan Adam, 43, runs a small newsstand. He said: "I called the police but they just gave me a crime number." In nearby Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, agents will soon have to face a similar problem – and a 40-mile round trip – when the custody suite is closed there. In recent years, the forces have moved to centralized custody suites, where suspicions have been brought to major urban centers rather than local stations, in an attempt to reduce costs. It is estimated that there are less than 200 suites in the country, more than half compared to 2010. But Richard Cooke, who leads the West Midlands Police Federation, said that it was a "false economy" and that the low-level offenders were they were fired because officers can not afford to take up to two hours from their duties to carry a suspect into custody. He said that it means that crimes such as possession of drugs, theft and prostitution have been de-decreed de facto. Green Lane Police Station Walsall, the city's main police base for 50 years, was closed in October 2016 and sold to developers. Cooke said, "Under the last government, forces across the country have started moving to centralized custody facilities, centralized housing blocks are now the" wisdom received ", but they do not look at the whole image and the total cost.

Director Veronica Leigh, 30, said: "They just gave us a crime and that's it – they do not go out" The criminals get away and, of course, if you do not arrest them, they will continue the night to cause more problems, so it's a fake economy. "In the center of Walsall, the staff at the Smart Ideas gift shop says they're being targeted by shoplifters, who come in through open doors and run more candles before they run off. . The staff often tries to recover the goods by themselves, but has renounced denouncing the shoplifters to the police. Secretary Veronica Leigh, 30, said, "They just gave us a crime number and that's it – they do not go in. We saw police officers walking up and down the street, but not anymore." It's a similar story behind the corner, where Aryan Adam, 43, runs small kiosks. "Usually they're kids in the morning," he said. "I called the police, but they just gave me a crime number." Meanwhile, residents of the exclusive suburb of Streetly have written to Walsall Council to ask for actions following a wave of thefts. More than 1,500 people signed a petition for door-to-door inquiries within three days of a theft.

Hartlepool's suspects in Durham County are driven 15 miles from the Middlesbrough police station (pictured) They say the officers stationed in Bloxwich, Wolverhampton and Perry Barr in Birmingham left them exposed. In Hartlepool, County Durham – 90,000 inhabitants – locals say their streets have been abandoned. Police announced in November that they were closing the city's bureau to save money, forcing agents to conduct suspects. at the Middlesbrough police station 15 miles away. In Burton, police confirmed this week that they would close the 17-cell city housing only four years after the facelift. The prisoners will be transferred to Cannock, 20 miles away, or Stoke, which is a 50-minute drive on a good day without traffic jams.

Syringes and armaments used by drug addicts scattered in the center of WalsallNik Hardy, president of the Burton and District Chamber of Commerce, said: "It's a concern, it's a journey of at least one hour to Stoke – I can not see the agents that they're annoying unless it's a really serious crime. "Deneice Florence-Jukes, East Staffordshire City Councilman and a former Metropolitan Police Sergeant, said:" it could be the case that only the gravest of the crimes will provoke an arrest from now on. "The police in West Midlands say they urgently need a £ 42 million grant to strengthen the ranks of officials after a violent crime increased by 60% in three years. A spokesperson said two "art-custody blocks" in Perry Barr and Oldbury were designed to promote a safer environment for prisoners, partners and staff. " The Portland police said: "Burton has an average of 52 prisoners every week, which is about a quarter of the demand experienced by the other two structures.The continuous reduction in prisoner numbers and the need for investment means that it is no longer efficient to maintain the open structure ".


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