The police move to cut the "threat" at the Perth high school after the rumors


Police have moved to cut any potential threat to student safety in a Perth suburban high school.

The public school sent a message home to parents late yesterday after rumors circulated among students about security issues.

"Your son may have returned home to talk about his safety concerns at school tomorrow, Friday, September 13," the e-mail said.

"We are aware of a news item in circulation and the WA police have been informed. We are confident that the school will be a safe place for students to attend tomorrow.

"The 12th year simulation exams will be performed as scheduled."

The police confirmed that they worked with a school in the area in relation to the information provided which revealed a "potential risk to school safety".

"An investigation has begun and subsequent actions have been taken to ensure that the school and the community in general were not at risk," the police said.

They said the investigation continued.



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