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The police must investigate the death of a young man in the Vsetín Hospital, the Constitutional Court ordered

Police officers erred in investigating the death of a young man at the Vsetín Hospital. He died of an impassable bile duct and subsequent septic shock. The criminal report filed by his grandfather was postponed by the police, but according to the Constitutional Court, it violated the right to an effective investigation. The case must be dealt with by the police again, it will be necessary to enter an audit report, it follows from Tuesday’s finding.

“Law enforcement authorities have not investigated suspected deaths in Vsetínské the hospital was quickly and efficiently sufficient, as they had both unjustified delays and, more importantly, insufficient clarification of the facts, “said the judge, Radovan Suchánek, in the judge’s judgment. Public Prosecutor.

“Our client was motivated by no compensation or property gain, but certainly only that the young person died was a suspicion of non-standard medical staff from the beginning and that it should be investigated,” said lawyer Filip Seifert.

The patient was born in 1991, and was hospitalized at the Vsetín Hospital at the end of July 2017 with abdominal pain. He died two days later. The diagnosis was made as an obstruction of the bile ducts, probably due to stones in the bile ducts. The immediate cause of death was septic shock with subsequent circulatory and organ failure.

The so-called first-choice procedure, ie the passage of the bile ducts during benign obstruction, was tried to be arranged by the attending physician at a “higher workplace”, because the Vsetín hospital did not perform the procedure. However, the next date was the next day in the morning, when the patient was no longer able to be transported and died in the afternoon. The solution of the second choice, ie puncture of the bile ducts through the liver and drainage, was not available in time.

After receiving the medical documentation, the police had an expert opinion on gastroenterology prepared. The expert described the hospital’s treatment procedure as lege artis (according to the rules of medical art), even after the correctness of the medical procedure was called into question by another expert statement, according to which the Vsetín hospital was to operate immediately if more sophisticated solutions were unavailable.

According to the constitutional judges, the expert should now supplement his original opinion. Due to discrepancies with the expert opinion, an audit opinion must be drawn up. The police should also check whether the hospital management was wrong in setting up communication with “higher workplaces”. According to Of the Constitutional Court everything apparently worked “for a good word”.



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