The police receive more than 200 clues in case of disappearance of the girl after the death of the parents

The Wisconsin police have received more than 200 clues about the disappearance of the minor Jayme Closs, but no one has clarified the case, including what he said was probably seen at a service station in Miami.

Chris Fitzgerald, head of the Barron police department, reported a surveillance video that allegedly looked at the 13-year-old Miami service station who had "no credible information that was true".

On Tuesday, Miami police reported that a person reported seeing Closs at a service station on NW 27th Ave and 11th St. and that he was with two men of about 30, with a beard, weighing between 200 and 250 pounds and drove a black Ford Explorer truck with a Wisconsin license plate.

The police and Wisconsin investigators continued the intense search for the child on Wednesday, which disappeared on Monday after his parents were found dead in the family home.

Jayme's parents were identified as James Closs, 56, and Denise Closs, 46.

Fitzgerald said there were hits in the place where the bodies were found, but he did not say if that was the way the Closs died. The autopsy will be performed this Wednesday.

The police department received a call at 12:58. on Monday by an unknown person who asked for help at 1268 Hwy 8, where the Closs residence is located in Wisconsin.

When the agents arrived at the scene, they found the two adults dead and the 13-year-old was lost and in danger, according to the police.

The youngest was later identified as Jayme Closs, 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, green eyes and blonde hair.

The authorities claimed that the child is not suspected of parental death and asks people who have information about the case to call the police.

Relatives and teachers of the girl describe her as a sweet, quiet minor and a sports practitioner.

An amber alarm is in effect and anyone with information about the possible location of Jayme Closs or anyone who contacts you should immediately contact the Barron County Police Department at 715-537-3106.


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