The Police teach how to call Emergencies without your attacker realizing

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In an extreme situation, when you are the victim of an attack, your cell phone can be your best ally. The National Police has shared on its social networks an explanatory video on how to notify the security forces without the attacker realizing.

In order to alert 112 you have to press press the power button five times in a row of your mobile phone. “A call will automatically be sent to 112 in which they can listen to what is happening, geolocate you and send help“explains the agent in the video released by the Police.

For the system to work you must have the option to contact emergencies activated on your mobile phone. From the body they also explain how to do it. For iPhone phones you have to go into settings and select the option “call by pressing the button 5 times” and for Android phones you have to activate “Emergency SOS”.

When the owner of the mobile phone presses the power button five times, a countdown will begin for the emergency call to be made. The Police also recommends “activating the discreet mode so that the call is made silently.”

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