The police video was shocking & # 39; seems to show excessive use of force, says the mayor of Montreal


The mayor Valérie Plante states that the police intervention was captured in a video circulating online about a young man who is lifted off the ground and who pushes his feet first in a police cruiser has "the appearance of the Use of excessive force ".

"Like many Montrealers, I was quite shocked," he told CBC at the town hall.

"Of course, it's just a piece of the puzzle, we don't know the whole story of what happened, but at this point, I have to say that it is definitely the aspect of the use of a excessive force, comfortable as mayor. "

Plante said he trusts the internal human resources protocol within the Montreal police force, but expects to get answers on exactly what happened.

He added that all Montrealers should be able to feel safe in the hands of the police.

Watch the video below:

This video was presented by Jahmensky Lubin, whose voice can be heard on the tape. 01:45

The video of the mobile phone, shot outside Henri-Bourassa's subway shortly after 5am on Monday, shows a handcuffed young man being pushed to the ground by an officer.

The male officer then raises the young man and throws him in the back of the police cruiser, feet first.

CBC News was unable to determine the identity of the young man or his age.

A server in a nearby bar said CBC News police were called after a patron warned them of suspicious activity in the nearby garage.

No comment from the police

In a statement, Montreal police said Tuesday that they cannot comment on the incident as it is under "analysis". They did not respond to another request for comment on Wednesday.

The Montreal police brotherhood, the union representing city officials, told CBC that "without knowing the circumstances of an event, it is impossible to develop an informed opinion".

The union also refused to be interviewed.

The leader of the municipal opposition Lionel Perez tweeted in response to Plante's comments, saying "actions speak louder than words".

He criticized Plante for voting against an independent investigation when a video emerged in March showing that 21-year-old Juliano Gray was roughly managed by STM inspectors.

That video shows the inspectors holding Gray on the platform, his head inches from an oncoming train, as he struggles, screams and gets hit by the metal.

"It was a brutal and excessive force," said Gray at the time.

Perez's party pushed for an investigation into the accident, but it never happened.


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