The Polish Order is disturbing 1% of the payouts. tax? There is a reply from the deputy minister points out that it is higher tax-free allowance contained in the Polish Lada hits 1 percent of the beneficiaries. tax. According to government calculations Thanks raising it to 30,000 zloty 9 million people will stop paying PIT, and a total of 18 million Poles will pay lower taxes.

The Polish Order means lower revenues for public benefit organizations

This means that a significant group of taxpayers will either not be able to allocate 1 percent at all. tax – because he will not pay it at all – or the amount hidden for 1 percent. tax will be less.

– Lots of people in general will not pay income tax. As the research shows, it is this group that most often gave its 1 percent. tax. Low earners and retirees constituted the most reliable group of donors of 1%. – says Agnieszka Jóźwicka, the editor-in-chief of

The website also gives an example of the Avalon Foundation. Krzysztof Dobies, the director general of the Foundation, in an interview with, calculates that in 2021, 1 percent. over 53 million PLN went to their charges. After the changes come into force, he expects revenues to be lower by as much as PLN 5-6 million.

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Sarnowski calms down

On Thursday, MPs asked Jan Sarnowski about this issue. Politicians wanted to know, incl. how the government intends to correct the error concerning the beneficiaries of 1%


– In 2021, public benefit organizations received the title of 1 percent due tax funds in the amount of PLN 972 million. As for this year, 2022, NGOs will receive funding according to the old rules on the basis of the tax settlement for 2021 – the deputy minister informed.




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