The Polish Prosecutor’s Office accuses the German Government of spreading false information about the visa sale scandal

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The Deputy Prosecutor General of Poland, Krzysztof Urbaniakaccused the German Government in a letter of spreading “false information” about the visa sales scandal in Polish embassies.

In his letter, published by the Polish press, Urbaniak addresses the German attorney general, Peter Frank, to inform him that “the magnitude of corruption (in the Polish embassies) has been greatly exaggerated. Some German media and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz repeated false information on this matter,” the text reads.

Urbaniak’s words refer to statements by the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, in which he demanded that Warsaw clarify “the visa scandal” and that “not let the issue pass and then start questioning our asylum policy.” “.

The Polish prosecutor says in his letter that there is “information appearing in the public space (…) that damages the image of Poland and Polish-German relations”, for which he offers to “illustrate with information from the ongoing investigation (…) the current status of the case.”

The so-called “visa scandal” broke out in Poland in early September, when the Polish deputy foreign minister in charge of the visa section, Piotr Wawrzyk, was removed from office for his alleged involvement in the illegal sale of hundreds of thousands of work visas through Polish embassies in countries in Asia and Africa. Urbaniak noted in his letter that “there are ample signs of Polish goodwill,” since seven people were investigated, three were arrested (although the main suspect has been released for cooperating) and an audit has been ordered in the embassies involved. .

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