The Polish is enjoying the arrival of April, the little one that was born a few days ago the fruit of his love with Barby Silenzi. However, the singer took time to raise awareness about a problem that is getting through to adolescents and young people of this age: the bullying and a derivative, the cyberbullying. The Polish he shared that he wrote his daughter Sun (also the daughter of Karina la Princesita), who was affected by this phenomenon.

“This was written by my daughter @solcitocwirkaluk for college, and I loved it .. wanted to share with you .. Solcito”, posted The Polishnext to the picture of the text of the teenager..

“I cried after seeing the video because it’s something that happens to many people and remain silent for fear of speaking out. Must be really frustrating to know that to get to school, you will wait a hell, because the majority says that the school is your second home or that you have to feel comfortable. But there are people who only feel when you arrived at the school, is panic, I know that if I don’t have the personality and the character that I would have suffered that. Constantly suffer from cyberbullying and it’s horrible, luckily don’t affect me these comments, but before when I was more vulnerable about what people thought of me I would re wrong,” says part of the text you wrote Sun. In the same, reflect that the person who sees bullying and does not trigger is also part of the problem.

The posting of The Polish (Photo/Instagram).

The natural

Barby Silenzi and The Polish we welcomed April, the first daughter of the couple, the last first of June. “Today, June 1, 2020, is born my third daughter, and my heart explodes with joy. Companion, friend, sweetheart, my love, Barby Silenzi I love you, I do very happy. Is present, it is April,”said a very excited about The Polish in the text of the publication, which also showed Barby Silenzi giving the chest to the drink.

After days in the clinic, Barby Silenzi he returned to his home next to the small April, to already be installed the entire family to pass through the quarantine. From your home, the dancer shared in addition to a video very fond of the drink, when he found himself for the first time with their little sisters Elenita and Soul.

As has accustomed us, Barby Silenzi shares day-to-day through their social networks how will going through these first few days amongst April. Different images of the small, sleeping, smiling, leaning on his chest, and to nurse my baby, demonstrate how in the that will going through their days the model with the small.

However, in the last few hours Silenzi he also took the opportunity to display a photo of her breast-feeding the baby, while I shared the souvenirs that you came to her home as a little gift to their more intimate by the birth of April. Aligned to the time world that we are living in a pandemic, Barby showed that the designs in tone roses had to do with soaps in the shapes of elephant and potecitos of alcohol gel, items needed for the hygiene and care against the coronavirus.

What is certain is that this photo is not allowed to call the attention of their followers, who filled of likes on your photos, but above all, they celebrate and recognize Barby Silenzi that show for the first time the body of a mom that just delivered a week ago. The model without the filter showed super-natural and with the girdle in his belly to care relevant post-delivery.

“In the end a mom, it is shown as we really are, just after giving birth,” said one of her followers, to which Barby Silenzi answered him with little hearts.

“At the end of a famous shows such as we were after birth”, “mom real. With sash, recovering and loving”, “I loved that photo. SHOWING OF TRUTH in a post-partum. Genia Barby, congrats on such a BEAUTIFUL little girl”, were some of the comments he received from his followers Barby Silenzi, where they held this image that the model shared

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