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The conservatives opened a 15 point advantage over Labor after the party conference season, according to the latest Opinium Observer poll.

The Tories rose by two points to 38%, compared to a week ago, while Labor fell by one point to 23%. The Liberal Democrats have dropped by five points to 15%.

Among the remaining voters, the Liberal Democrats lost seven points in a week, with Labor gaining nine points in the same group of voters who voted to stay in the European Union.

However, Labor has lost the largest number of voters among those who leave. According to the survey, only 8% of leave voters now say they want to support Labor in the general elections after a conference season in which the party discussed its Brexit policy.

Boris Johnson continues to enjoy a comfortable advantage over Jeremy Corbyn when voters are asked who would be the best prime minister – 36% say Johnson and only 16% Corbyn.

Adam Drummond, head of the political seat in Opinium, said: "The conservatives, after the conference, are in the same position they were entering with a substantial advantage over the work, based on the consolidation of the farewell vote, while the residual vote continues to swing between Labor and Lib Dems. "

Boris Johnson's Brexit plans, released last week, were more popular than Theresa May's agreement, according to the poll. When asked about the May-February agreement, 45% said it was a bad deal and only 14% that was good for the UK. On the contrary, only 22% say that Johnson's plan is negative for the UK, while 27% say it is good.

Drummond said there are two main reasons for the conflicting views of the two voter agreements. "The first is that Boris Johnson, leader of the holiday campaign, supports her, which, regardless of the details, gives him a certain degree of legitimacy among the voters of the holidays. Johnson's resignation from the government for the May agreement helped to destroy the legitimacy of his agreement.

"The second is that Theresa May's agreement had been agreed with the European Union, while the EU has already stated that the UK's proposals are not acceptable."



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