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The Pope accepts the resignation of Álvaro Corrada del Río and appoints a new bishop for Mayagüez

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Monsignor Álvaro Corrada del Río, and named the Rev. Ángel Luis Ríos Matos as the new bishop of the Mayagüez diocese, the Archdiocese of San Juan announced in a press release.

Corrada del Río, 77, was appointed Bishop of Mayagüez on July 6, 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI. He is also the brother of Baltasar Corrada del Río, who was a former judge of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and held various political positions such as the mayoralty of San Juan. He passed away in 2018.

After the announcement of the retreat of the religious, the Archbishop of San Juan Roberto González Nieves thanked the action of the high pontiff of the Catholic Church and highlighted his “closeness” to the island.

We deeply thank Pope Francis for this appointment. Once again, Pope Francis shows us his closeness by giving us a new bishop. In seven months, Pope Francis has given us two bishops for the Church in Puerto Rico, two sons of this homelandGonzález said in a press release.

According to the press release, the bishop-elect was born on October 5, 1956 in Aguada. He has a large family, as he is part of a group of 14 brothers. Ríos Matos was ordained a priest on January 11, 1985. In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, a Bachelor of Theology from the Javeriana University of Bogotá and a Doctorate in Canon Law from this same institution.

Currently, he serves as judicial vicar of the Diocese of Mayagüez and pastor of the San Sebastián Mártir parish, in San Sebastián. Previously, he led the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús parish in Mayagüez. He has also served as professor of Canon Law.

“We wholeheartedly congratulate Father Ángel Luis Ríos on the election to the episcopate that Pope Francis has made for him and on his appointment as Bishop of Mayagüez. As judicial vicar of Mayagüez he has been of great help in preparing the protocol of the Puerto Rican Episcopal Conference to attend cases of alleged improper conduct in the dioceses of Puerto Rico. As a priest he has served with fidelity and pastoral zeal in all his assignments and has been a great collaborator of the past two bishops of his diocese. He is a great preacher, priest of great sensitivity and humility, “said González Nieves.

According to a press release from the Mayagüez diocese, the announcement was made today by Pope Francis at the Roman Observatory. The same document indicates that the date of consecration of the new bishop will be announced soon.



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