The Pope says that "is not in good health" and avoid reading a speech when receiving European rabbis

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He Pope Francisco He explained, in a tired voice, that he was not in good health and that he preferred not to read the speech he had prepared when receiving members of the Conference of European Rabbisbut did not interrupt the activities on his agenda.

“Good morning, I greet you all and welcome you. Thank you for this visit that I like so much, but it happens that I am not in good health and that is why I prefer not to read the speech but rather give it to you and have you take it,” said the Dad with a tired and somewhat hoarse voice.

The Vatican has not reported on the state of health of Francis, who held the numerous audiences he had in the morning. And the celebration of the meeting with nearly 7,000 children from all over the world this afternoon at the Paul VI classroom at the Vatican.

Among his morning audiences, Pope Francis received the Catalan president, Peter Aragonésand in the meeting, which lasted 40 minutes, different topics were addressed, including “the shared concern about the situation of Israel and Palestine“, sources from the Generalitat have reported.

The meeting in the library of the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican began at 9:25 a.m. and was, as usual, a meeting between the two alone, which sources described as “very cordial.”

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