The popular Chinese will soon leave Russia

The Haval H6 crossover has long remained the bestseller of the brand in Russia, but now this popular model is leaving the Russian market to give way to another car.

All this time, not the new H6 was sold in Russia, but the older and cheaper version of 2015, which did not stop it from spreading over 10,000 cars in our country for 4 years of Russian sales.

But now, Russian sales are drawing to a close, writes the Chinese Cars portal. According to his sources in the dealer environment, there are only about 500 cars left for sale at dealers, all are only on the machine and in one Elite configuration.

In order to sell off the balances as soon as possible, the company lowered prices for H6 by about 40,000 rubles – now a front-wheel drive car with a 1.5-liter turbo engine and automatic machine costs 1,342,000 rubles.

It is assumed that the H6 place will be taken by the N5 frame SUV, which is being returned to Russia, the production of which has been mastered at the company’s plant in the Tula region. It is expected that his Russian presentation will take place in April. Previously, there was information that the Haval H5 will have only one engine – this is the familiar 2.0L 4G63S4T gasoline turbo engine, which is produced under license from Mitsubishi. But there will be two power options – at 150 and 177 hp The torque in both cases is the same – 250 Nm. At the same time, the power unit allows the use of AI-92 gasoline.

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