The population grows by more than half a million in a year and Spain is approaching 48.5 million inhabitants

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The resident population in Spain grew again for the tenth consecutive quarter and on October 1 it reached 48,446,594 inhabitants, 118,667 more (0.25%) than in July and 525,075 more (1.10%) than a year ago, according to data published this Tuesday by the INE.

The provisional figures from the Continuous Population Statistics of the National Statistics Institute (INE), which confirm this new historical maximum, also corroborate that Spain’s population growth continues to be due almost entirely to increase in people born abroad.

Specific, The foreign-born population was 8,569,954 people, 17.69% of the totalwhich is more than that of foreign nationality, due to the processes of acquiring Spanish nationality.

For its part, the number of foreigners increased by 77,016 people (1.22%) during the quarter, up to a total of 6,373,463 as of October 1, 2023, while the population of Spanish nationality grew by 41,651 people (0.10 %).

The main nationalities of immigrants are colombian (with 34,000 arrivals to Spain), the Moroccan (24,400) and the Venezuelan (15,300), while the Spaniards who entered the country to reside in this quarter were 23,600, compared to 9,600 who emigrated to other countries.

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