The pornography for children and non-aliens the reason why the solar observatory was closed

The sudden closure of the Sunspot observatory in New Mexico by the FBI has given rise to great speculation. A report revealed what really happened inside.

National solar observatory / NSF

The mystery is over … and the truth is over to be much more unpleasant than what the conspiracy theories on the Internet have proposed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) closed the Sunspot observatory in New Mexico due to a child pornography case.

According to a 39-page document from Reuters, the FBI suspects that a solar observatory would have used the facility's wireless network to send and receive child pornography.

An FBI agent wrote in the sworn statement to "investigate the activities of a person using the wireless Internet service of the Sunspot National Solar Observatory, in New Mexico, to download and distribute child pornography."

The suspect, who has not yet been arrested or accused, was a janitor under contract to clean the structure, whose laptop was used to connect to the wireless system of the observatory. According to Frank Fisher, an office spokesman, the case is still under investigation.

Conspiracy theories

As you recall, on the 6th of this month, the FBI suddenly entered the solar observatory and closed it "for security reasons". Although the installation returned to open only a few days ago, the sudden and hermetic fact circulated a series of conspiracy theories on the Internet.

Although some bordered the "cospiranoid" (as saying that the observatory had been closed by contact with an alien civilization), others were slightly more plausible (as they had detected a solar flare). Also, it was hypothesized that the closure could be due to a case of espionage.

According to The Drive portal, a person working for a foreign government could install a spy team in one of the observatory buildings. The suspicion makes sense if you consider that Sunspot is in a high part and very close to the Air Base bases of Holloman and White Sands Missile Range.

From the beginning it was excluded that it was a "third type of meeting". Partly because a nearby observatory remained open all this time and because SETI did not present itself to the structure. This organization recently presented a scale to find out whether we detect intelligent life in space.

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