The power plant’s water pipe in Garut is broken, allegedly due to soil movement – The water pipe for the Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTM) owned by PT Tirta Gemah Ripah (GTR) in Bungbulang District, Garut Regency, West Java has burst. This event is thought to have been triggered by ground movement.

The video of the water pipe breaking was widely circulated on messaging applications. In the video, water can be seen rising high in the middle of the plantation area.

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Kapolsek Bungbulang Iptu Usep said that the PT GTR water pipe burst occurred on Monday (28/11) afternoon at around 14.00 WIB. Based on the information he received from the employee, the pipe burst due to ground movement.

“The information we received, because the water pipe is in unstable soil, yesterday it was suspected that there was ground movement. When the ground movement occurred, the pipe bent then leaked and finally broke,” said Usep, Tuesday (11/29).

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Damaged Building

As a result of the pipe bursting, water with high pressure was able to spurt with a height of up to 10 meters. As it fell back, the water hit the surrounding buildings.

The falling water damaged PT GTR’s building. “The damaged building is a powerhouse which is about 14×30 meters in size. The condition of the roof of the building was damaged because it was hit by water that rose and then fell,” he explained.

Usep confirmed that there were no casualties or injuries in the incident. Currently, there are no more bursts of water, because the officers from the company immediately closed it.

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The electricity doesn’t go out

Currently the PLTM in Rancateureup Village, Bungbulang Village, Bungbulang District, Garut Regency, West Java is temporarily not producing electricity.

“Information had circulated that electricity in the area south of Garut was said to be off, that’s not true. Because this PLTM does not supply electricity to residents, but to PLN and then to residents’ homes,” he concluded.


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