The PP approves a Vox initiative for the regional government to repeal the Cantabria Memory Law

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He Popular Group has carried forward today with its votes an initiative of Vox through which the Cantabrian Parliament urges the regional Executive (PP) to present “as soon as possible” a bill to repeal the Law of Historical and Democratic Memory of Cantabria approved last legislature by PRC and PSOE.

During the debate on the initiative, regionalists and socialists have defended that this norm seeks “justice” and provides legal coverage “to all those who suffered” in the period from the Civil War to the entry into force of the 1978 Constitution, since that “does not speak of sides, of winners or losers.”

On the contrary, PP and Vox have expressed the opinion that it is a “partial and sectarian” law that distinguishes between “first-class and second-class victims.” Of course, they believe that a new rule should be developed that preserves from the current one the right of Cantabrians to recover the remains of their relatives, “regardless of which side they are from.”

The deputies of PP and Vox have a majority compared to those of PRC and PSOE – 19 compared to 16 -, which is why the Chamber’s request to the Government to prepare its bill has gone ahead. An approval that some citizens who were in the audience in the plenary session have denounced by shouting in the Chamber.

“It’s embarrassing!” they said, which led the president of Parliament, María José González Revueltato ask them to “respect everyone’s opinions” and to leave the Hemicycle, something that had already been requested moments before when they applauded at the end of the interventions of the PSOE and PRC spokespersons, since this gesture is prohibited in Parliament.

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