The PP approves the reform of the Senate Regulations that will delay the Amnesty Law so that "don’t pass" the ‘yes means yes’ thing

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The absolute majority of the PP in the Senate has allowed this Tuesday the approval – with 147 votes in favor and 116 against – of the reform of the Regulations that will delay the processing of the Amnesty Law Proposal once it is submitted by the Congress of the Deputies. With this change, the Board of the Upper House will have the power to decide whether these types of initiatives are processed through the emergency procedure, which is 20 daysor for a maximum of two ordinary months.

In Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s party they justify that the modification is “good” because to make a rule “without legal risk” it is “necessary” that in the Cortes Generales “the General Council of the Judiciary, judges, prosecutors, State lawyers, professors…”. “Everything that can help us form a reasoned and reasonable opinion and that things like the law of the Yes is yesbecause we already have a very bad experience with 1,100 rapists on the street,” he argued Eloy Suarezof the Popular Parliamentary Group.

The PSOE, in turn, has warned the PP that using the Senate to “hinder” the Amnesty Law is not legal and that it contravenes rulings of the Constitutional Court, which is why they have reiterated that they will appeal this reform. Pedro Sánchez’s investiture partners, in turn, have called the measure “political filibustering.”

The modification of this superior norm of the parliamentary system has been processed through express: On Wednesday of last week it was taken into consideration, this Monday the Regulations Commission gave it the go-ahead and now it has been definitively approved, thus anticipating the release of the norm that the socialists have agreed upon with ERC from Congress. and Junts in exchange for their votes for the re-election of the acting President of the Government. The popular They have also included a section to oblige ministers to appear when requested by the groups.

“You will approve this because you have a legitimate majority, I will never argue with you. Now, I hope that when the Constitutional Court examines our appeal it will give you the review you deserve,” the socialist senator noted during his speaking turn. Manuel Fajardo.

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