The PP blames Vox for "rescue Sánchez": "We are not going to empty the streets or set them on fire"

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The PP did not want the content of the demonstrations against the amnesty to divert the focus from Pedro Sánchez’s investiture pacts. With Junts pushing the machine to the maximum in the negotiations, the situation was favorable for Alberto Núñez Feijóo to place his message of opposition to the “privileges” of the independence movement. But the protests in front of Ferraz’s headquarters have forced the Genoa team to change pace to clearly distance itself from Vox. Without ceasing to harass the acting President of the Government, they now have to clarify that they do not share the drift of the protests against the PSOE supported by Santiago Abascal. Instead, the popular They prefer “peaceful”, “civic”, “institutional” events and, above all, in squares and not in front of PSOE buildings: “We do not surround headquarters.”

The Genoa leadership considers that Vox has done the investiture candidate a great favor with its support for these demonstrations. “Vox has given Sánchez a media cable, it has come to Sánchez’s rescue,” they say in Feijóo’s team, where they try to differentiate themselves from their regional partners: “We are not going to help empty the streets, but neither are we going to be those who set them on fire. We do not want the sensitivity against the amnesty to decrease, but our ways are not those of Vox or those of the pre-pardoned CDR. “We do not encourage surrounding headquarters or burning containers,” they say on the main floor of Genoa.

“Sunday’s rallies will do much more damage to the PSOE than Ferraz’s, which allow it to victimize itself,” say the same sources, who give one of two things: “If Sánchez wants to reduce the emotional tension in the country, which renounce the amnesty.

This differentiation between Vox and the PP is what Genoa wants to stage on Sunday in 52 protests, one in each provincial capital of Spain. The popular territorial leaders have already chosen the squares where they will gather on the 12th at 12:00 p.m. In Madrid, the chosen place is Sun Gate, to which Alberto Núñez Feijóo will go, as this newspaper announced. And in Barcelona they will join the protest organized by 40 civil society entities in the Saint James Squarewhere the Generalitat has its headquarters.

Furthermore, in Seville the event will be held at the San Francisco Square, in the old town. In Valencia, the chosen place is Temple Square, next to the Turia Gardens. In Zaragoza, the call is between Alfonso I and Santiago streets. That is, right next to the Pilar Square. In Murcia, in the Cardinal Belluga Squarein front of the cathedral.

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