The PP demands that Armengol record Eduard Pujol’s vote as a yes to Feijóo

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The PP has sent a letter to the Congressional Committee requesting reconsideration of the result of the second investiture vote of Alberto Núñez Feijóo in order to include the erroneous vote cast by the Junts deputy in the count of the yeses. Eduard Pujolso that the conclusion of the scrutiny is 173 votes in favor of the candidate popular against 177 against.

Los popular They remember that in the session the Junts deputy clearly issued a “yes” that was confirmed out loud by the fourth secretary of the Board, to which Pujol did not make any protest. Subsequently, after the vote was completed by calling all the deputies, there was a debate at the Board about what happened, consulting the spokespersons and the lawyers, but the president of the Chamber, Francina Armengoldecided, according to the PP, to announce that 172 yeses, 177 noes and one null vote had been cast.

It happens, however, and on this they base the popular his claim, that the figure of the null vote “does not exist in the procedures of public voting by call” and is not contemplated in the Regulation congressional. For this reason, they consider Armengol’s actions “inexplicable and manifestly arbitrary.”

In the letter, signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cuca Gamarra, the actions of the president of Congress, ordering silence in the face of the PP protests, are described as “impetuous, thoughtless and authoritarian.”

The PP argues that Armengol’s decision contradicts the criteria of the Secretary General of Congress expressed in a February 2022 report according to which: “The validly cast vote is irrevocable except for technical error and in the cases expressly provided for in the Regulations.”

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