The PP expands its deployment against the ultras and in the presence of Vox: "Neither flares nor soflamas"

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With the ranks tight, in a turtle formation to avoid fissures in the message, the entire PP will turn this afternoon in the 53 rallies against the pacts of the PSOE and the independentists, in general, and against the amnesty for crimes committed during the process in Catalonia (2012-2023), in particular. Alberto Núñez Feijóo has a great advantage over Vox, when it comes to mobilizing his people, and that is none other than the great “capillarity” of the PPthe only party next to the PSOE that has organic muscle in all provinces. This display of force is the message that Genoa wanted to convey when it proposed to lead the “peaceful” protests in all the provincial capitals, but Ceuta, Melilla y Brussels -The one in Barcelona is organized by Cataluña Suma and the PP joins.

On the 12th at 12. «This Sunday’s rallies are the confirmation that even before Sánchez comes to the Government there is a majority around us that rejects his policies. And, together, we are not going to let him breathe for even a minute, because with what he has given up in the name of Spain “It does not deserve any condescension,” sources from the popular leadership assure this newspaper. «This is not about Genoa against Ferraz, this is about the majority of the country against Sánchez. And in the street,” they challenge.

So the PP He dives headfirst again. And he wants to do it by marking distances with Vox, which finally also joins the protests and which they intend to later lead to marches towards the PSOE headquarters, as he has encouraged throughout the week. But the popular They try, it is the priority, to avoid episodes of violence by Falangist, neo-Nazi or extreme right groups without further ado, such as those that have been seen in the riots on Ferraz Street.

feijóo wants to lead a “firm, but calm” response. And, above all, “without anger.” Hence, he has ordered his people to create “teams to ensure order and security” at the rallies. For example, in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. Or in the Plaza de San Francisco in Seville. Or in the Temple of Valencia. The request to these security contingents is clear: “Avoid flags or banners that do not respect the meaning of our protest.” In the immediate team of the president of the PP they add: «We attend our rallies without hoods, without balaclavas and without flares, and if anyone does so they will be told to leave. “We will not allow anti-democratic slogans, nor will they be used for personal relief on wrong paths.”

But what if the “peaceful gatherings” still lead to riots due to the presence of extremists? «They are not welcome. Everyone from children to the elderly is invited to our event. But they do not. And if it happens, let whoever feeds feelings of that nature respond. “We will not be the ones who empty the streets, but neither will we be the ones who set them on fire,” they add in Genoa. Despite this appeal to peaceful protest, the PP congratulates Sánchez that it is “difficult to take a walk through the center of large cities.”

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