The PP focuses its criticism on Bolaños, Puente and Marlaska and concludes that "The one who continues to rule is Carles Puigdemont"

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The first reaction of the PP to the new composition of the Government has been to criticize that it has not reduced its size: “Pedro Sánchez loses the opportunity to reduce the most expensive Government in history and maintains 22 portfolios and four Vice Presidencies.”

In any case, what is important for the PP is not so much the faces as the fundamental objectives of the legislature, with the amnesty as a great backdrop and the pacts with Junts and ERC as delimiters of the playing field.

“A president, four vice presidents, 22 ministers… but the one who continues to rule our country is Carles Puigdemont, who will decide who remains and for how long since his exile in Waterloo,” the sources emphasize.

There continues the criticism from the main opposition party, which places Félix Bolaños as the key man of the Executive. “By uniting the Ministries of the Presidency and Justice and handing over their management to his most political minister, Sánchez sends a clear message to Europe and the judicial system, and it is not precisely to depoliticize justice in Spain,” Feijóo’s team warns. .

The PP focuses a good part of its criticism on the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Cortes: “In addition, the fact that Bolaños also assumes relations with the Cortes implies that he coordinates the functions of the President of the Executive, directs relations with the Legislative Branch , and coordinates the deal with the Judiciary.”

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