The PP forces a vote on the amnesty in the EU Committee of the Regions

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The amnesty reaches Brussels. The PP is going to force a vote on the amnesty in the European Committee of the Regions, which meets in the Parliament of the community capital on the 29th and 30th of this month. As? Through an amendment that proposes to “prohibit” amnesties for people convicted of corruption crimes, as is the case of the embezzlement of public funds that occurred in the ‘procés’.

The amendment, to which you have agreed THE WORLD, has already been registered to modify one of the opinions that will be debated in the Plenary of the Committee. Specifically, the one that deals with the EU Anti-Corruption Framework. Therefore, its inclusion in the opinion will have to be voted on.

The text is as follows: “Member States shall take the necessary measures to prohibit any pardon for the benefit of those found responsible for any of the criminal offenses referred to in Articles 7 to 14 and to prohibit any amnesty for any of the offences.” penalties mentioned in articles 7 to 14″.

In this way, the PP seeks to involve all possible community institutions in the debate on the amnesty. From the Commission (to which it has sent letters), to the European Parliament (the EPP has requested that a debate on the risk to the rule of law in Spain be included in the agenda of next week’s plenary session), passing through the body that gives voice to regional and local leaders.

The amendment has been promoted Fernando Lopez Miraspresident of the Region of Murcia, and all the communities governed by the PP have signed it except the Balearic Islands and Aragon, because their representatives in the Committee of the Regions have not been named.

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