The PP ironically with its "deal surprise"criticizes Díaz for his attachment to the position and urges Armengol to call the investiture now

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Once we have recovered from the surprise that the agreement between PSOE and Sumar has brought to the PP, from the Popular Party we want to value the negotiating capacity of Yolanda Diazwho until the last moment has been inflexible and totally willing to stop being vice president and join the opposition as long as she does not give up her iron principles and that they prevail in her pact with the socialists.

Now what Pedro Sanchez has achieved the support of Sumar against the odds, our country overcomes a debate that had Spaniards in suspense in recent weeks. And once there is finally an agreement between the acting president and the acting vice president, we are waiting for the president of Congress to receive authorization from Sánchez to call a plenary session of investiture now that three weeks have passed since Sánchez received Secondly, the King’s task of achieving a parliamentary majority.

The PP allows itself to remember that, although Alberto Núñez Feijóo The date was set in real time, for Sánchez it has not been determined 21 days later. And meanwhile, the acting Government has been without control of the Legislature for more than five months, which shows the deterioration of the Spanish parliamentary system. With a Sánchez who did not intervene in the investiture session, who vetoes the presence of his ministers in the Senate, who asks his presidents not to participate in debates in the Upper House, and with an Armengol who hires translators and buys headphones without respecting procedures, and that the concept of “null vote” is invented in a yes, no or abstention vote, Spanish democracy is beginning to show room for improvement.

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